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Jeep Continent

Imagine a place where a off-roading adventure is accessible for everyone


Team: Joyce Chiu + Lujie Huang | Transportation Design (Exterior Vehicle Design) + Guanying Zhou | Transportation Design (Interior Vehicle Design)

My Responsibilities: UI and UX Design Lead, Vehicle Screen, Dashboard, Willys Wristband, Voice User Interface, User Journey, and Visual Design

Timeline: 14 Weeks

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Sketch, Solidworks, and Keynote

Jeep Continent

 Jeep Continent is an off-roading theme park that redefines automotive culture and creates an immersive off-roading experience for everyone in China. The park offers electronic autonomous vehicles and users can choose to drive the vehicle manually or autonomously. The park provides different terrains for off-roading experiences, entertainment, and education purposes. 


FCA Jeep Mission


What does autonomous means to Jeep in 2030? How do we promote Jeep in China?



Understand Jeep Culture


A lifetime of freedom. Jeep vehicles have inspired people everywhere to dream and to dare and the brand is built on the pillars of freedom, adventure, authenticity, and passion. Almost 20% of the US population participated in off-road and more than 55% of Jeeples use their vehicles to off-road.



Understand Off-Roading Culture In China


In China, off-roading trails are not easily accessible and the car modification is very strict; therefore off-roading is not a common entertainment in China. However as China’s middle class grows, so does the market for vehicles that can be used for fun rather than just transportation.


We want introduce off-road as a new entertainment in China


Why an off-roading theme park?

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As a team, we want to introduce off-roading as new entertainment to China. Redefine automotive culture and allow new customers to indulge in Jeep culture in immersive ways. We would start with highly urbanized megacities in China, where most of the off-road trails are not easily accessible, targeting city dwellers who would like an off-road experience with convenience and ease.


Final Deliverables

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How Does Jeep Continent Work?



What Are the Jeep Hub and Mobile Truck?



Meet John



Jeep Continent Video





To design an off-roading theme park we need to understand the problems with current off-roading and theme park to help us create a better experience in the Jeep Continent.


Understand Current Problems With Off-Roading


Off-roading Problems:

  • Off-roading requires time and skill to master.

  • The wrong modification for the wrong environment can be dangerous.

  • Off-roaders need to bring a recovery kit and other a list of off-roading equipment and it can be inconvenient 

  • Environmental damage, dangerous, and risky. 

  • Isolation. No guidance.



Experience A Theme Park Ourselves


On-Site Research Goal:

  • Our goal is to understand how an amusement park work and find out the problems that people are facing in the park. I suggested to my team to visit Disneyland during the weekend to do on-site research.


  • It is a big and crowded place, but everyone is isolated at the same time. People seem to be on their own.

  • Lack of guidance: Information Desks are far apart. Maps and brochures are not informative enough for first-time visitors.

  • Long lines and waiting time.



Design Questions

  1. How can we make off-roading safer and easier for people to master?

  2. How can we improve the theme park experience in Jeep Continent?



Now we understand the problems… It’s time for us to turn the problems into design opportunities that help us build the Jeep Continent



The dashboard is designed for an autonomous electric Jeep vehicle. The x-view allows users to see what the vehicle is seeing (e.g. obstacles).



Willys Engagement

Users can choose the engagement level of the virtual assistant.



Jeep Hub Booking

Users can choose the car model that they would like to modify.



Jeep Mobile Truck Booking

Users can book mobile truck services.



Home Screen

Users can use the 3D map to see upcoming obstacles without the help of a spotter. Users can also view roll and pitch while driving.



Jeep Race

Users who reach level 3 can send race requests to other off-roaders.



Jeep Automation Level



Accomplishment and Race Levels

In Jeep off-roading culture, off-roaders receive Jeep badge of honor when they accomplished an off-roading trail. I am inspired by this idea and suggested to my teammate (exterior designer) to have two screens display on each side of the car. A screen displays the badge of honor and another display the off-road race level.

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Design Process


How Should Users Interact With The Screen?


Off-roaders have to have their eyes focus on the road; therefore a touch screen may not be the best design approach.

Voice Command + Touch Screen: Off-roaders can have their eyes fully focus on the road while interacting with the screen through their voice.



Virtual Voice Assistant Design Process

I have explored many design approaches for Willys from an attachable screen to a characterized device.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 12.06.36 AM.png


Final Willys Design Decision

After the feedback from the off-roaders, a physical Willys device will become a distraction for them when driving. With the final design,  the virtual voice assistant will be inside the display.

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Wireframe and Userflow



Visual Design Process


Current Jeep Screen Design

I want to design screens for Jeep Continent while following the Jeep brand guidelines. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 1.03.10 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 1.03.23 AM.png


Design Inspiration Moodboard

Jeep Continent is an off-roading theme park that brings fun, wild adventures to everyone and I want to reflect these feelings to the screen UI. I was inspired by video game UI design because it speaks a similarly entertaining and authentic language.



Visual Design

We developed a visual language for Jeep Continent. We wanted something that felt simple, entertaining, authentic, fun, wild, and advanced.

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Interface Design Process


What is Willys Wristband?

Willys size.jpg

Inside Jeep Continent, users can do outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping and more. How can Willys continue to serve users when they are not inside a vehicle?Introducing Willys wristband, a voice-controlled wristband that can serve and guide its users when they are doing outdoor activities. A Willys wristband will be given to users when they enter the Jeep Continent. Willys is connected to the Jeep Hub, Mobile Truck, and the Jeep vehicle.



What Can Willys Do?

Jeep Continent Willys.jpg

Why Smart Wristband?

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Willys hub.gif

Willys is connected to the vehicle

Users can tell Willys to have their self-driving vehicle pick them up at the assigned location.


Willys is connected to the hub

Willys will inform users to pick up their vehicle when it is ready.

Willys pick up.gif


Willys Smart Wristband Physical Product



Willys Production Process

From sketches to 3D modeling in Solidworks. From 3D printing to sanding, assemble the pieces, and spray painted to produce the final product.



Jeep Final Presentation

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