Connect Professionals Through Augmented Reality


Independence Project: Joyce Chiu

Responsibilities: Interaction Design Lead (UI and UX), Concept Development, Conducted Research, Prototype, and Visual Design

Timeline: Jan 2019 - April 2019

Illustration: Ella Lee | Illustrator

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Flinto, Torch, and Keynote

Imagine building a network, meeting professionals, and finding job opportunities with augmented reality.

Key Features


Concept Development

How did I come up with Cospace?

Problem Statement: Technology has made us more connected than ever, but it has also made us forget real human connections and made us less communicative. We no longer have to go out and meet people, because technology has given us the opportunity to meet new people easier and faster online. People are becoming less human, communicative, and social because of technology.

Mission Statement: With this independent project, I want to challenge myself. I want to come up with a design solution and a digital product that will bring back real human connections and enhance physical interaction through technology.

Inspiration: Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that requires players to go outside and engage with the environment in order to catch Pokemon. This game inspired me because I realized that augmented reality can motivate people to engage with the environment and other people.

Design Question #1

How can I leverage Augmented reality to motivate people to meet others in person and have face to face connections?


People are motivated to meet others in person for their careers. 70% of Jobs landed through networking. It is the most successful way of gaining employment. 


Who are the main users for networking?

  • Professionals who want to connect

  • Job seekers

  • Freelancers

  • Employers


Problem Statement

  • Online networking allows us to connect with a lot of professionals, but it is hard to tell if they are the right people. 

  • Networking events allow us to establish personal connections, but they are very time consuming.


Learning from Professionals

Artboard Copy 9.png

Interview Goals

  • Understand their working routine

  • Understand their experience when they are doing online and offline networking

  • Understand their experience when they are meeting professionals in person

Key Findings

  • Coffee Shops: the third-party place where many professionals go to work and talk business.

    “I like to work in a coffee shop because everyone works there and most of them are on their computers. Sometimes people like to discuss their business there! There is free Wifi and I can order food and drinks while I am working. I guess I like the vibe there.”

  • Online networking allows professionals to connect with others globally easier and faster, but it loses the quality of connection.

    “I use LinkedIn and Workday for online networking because I can easily connect and expand my client's connection. But I personally don’t know all of them in person and it is sometimes hard for me to know how to talk and work with them.”

  • Offline networking allows people to build trust and have closer connections, but it is time-consuming and sometimes it can be awkward to meet a new person and talk about work in public.

    “ I think meeting a person face to face can build trust and at the same time, I can get to know them as a person. When I get to know this person more, I know how to work with them better. The negative thing about networking offline is that it is time-consuming.

    “I meet new people for work. Sometimes it is weird for me to talk about work when I meet that person for the very first time.”

Field Research + Interview

Learning from Wework

“We are like a hotel for different companies.”


Key Findings

After Interview with Michael Delamadrid who is a community leader at Wework.

  • Professionals use Wework as a place to grow their networking and at the same time expand their connections.

“There is a photographer at Wework who has met all his clients here!”

  • When all professionals are working in one place, they will connect and collaborate with each other for business.

    “We see two startups become one. We see collaboration. We see people get more job opportunities here.”

Based on research + Interview insights

Online + Offline Networking Problems


Online Networking

  • Online networking allows us to connect with a lot of professionals, but it loses the quality of connection

  • Not trustworthy

  • Uncertainty

  • Lack of communication

  • Hard to maintain a connection


Offline Networking

  • Assigned location and time

  • Time-consuming

  • Not knowing others’ motivation and goals in the networking event.

  • You’re outside your comfort zone

  • Guests who visited weren't being followed up


Design Question #2

How can I solve the current problems for online + offline networking based on these findings?


Design Solutions

• Increase the “quality” and maintain the “quantity” of professional connections.

• Create a platform where user can build their networking whenever and wherever they want

• Meeting professionals in person will build trust and increase the quality of communication

• Public places: coffee shops, events, and conferences are normally where professionals gather the most to work and talk business. How can we improve the connections there?

• It is more efficient if professionals knew everyone’s purpose for networking before connecting

Design Question #3

What happens when networking meets augmented reality?


Introducing Cospace

Cospace enables users to connect in person to discuss professional opportunities in gathering places such as coffee shops, events, and conferences. Cospace leverages augmented reality to help users to identify people and opportunities around them. 



How Cospace Works?

Cospace System Diagram.jpg

Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas.png

How Is Cospace Better?

Lean Canvas Copy.png

Target Users

Meet Jenny, William and Mike

Group 3.jpg
Group 4.jpg



Cospace Video

Cospace Poster_Right.jpg
Cospace Website_1.gif


Users can use their LinkedIn or Upwork account to sign into Cospace.



Users can stay connected and updated with their connections through the newsfeed. 

Cospace Website_2.gif


Explore helps users to find the right professionals they are looking for and shows where they are currently at. Users can choose to meet with the people who share the same purposes and motivations. For example, if William is looking for employers in Explore, he will tap on the “hire” button and a list of employers who are hiring will show up. The employers with tick marks are matches.


Explore AR

Explore AR helps users find out what types of professionals are currently in a location by scanning the place with AR. Users can see other users’ profiles and pins inside the space.



Users can greet the people who they would like to meet by waving at them through the app. When both users wave at each other, they are ready to meet in person! 


Schedule Meeting Chatroom

When users are not in the same space, a chat room will be available to facilitate scheduling a meeting.

wavr far.gif

Busy Mode

When both users wave at each other, Cospace will change the users’ statuses from available to busy in order to inform other Cospace users that the user is currently occupied.



The connect button will only appear when both users wave at each other.


Job Pin

Employers can post their job offers in the job pin. 


Drop A Job Pin

Employers can drop their job pin into the hire pin in a location through AR. 

tap pin.gif

View Job Opportunities

Job seekers can tap on the hire pin to view the available job posts through explore AR. 


Matched Candidate Notification 

Once the job pin is dropped in a location by employers, Cospace will notify the matched candidates about the job opportunity when they enter the room. 

Design Process

Design Process


Design Solutions -> Ideation Sketches






Task Breakdown





Usability testing

Ideate + Validate

The goal of the usability testing was to test the concept, clarity of components, and user flow. I made a paper prototype that demonstrates the key user flow of the Cospace app to test with three participants.


I would love to share more of my process with you. Please contact me for more detail! Thank you!




Hi! I am currently job seeking! Please shoot me an e-mail if you are interested (or wave at me on Cospace)!

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