Rootstrap UI UX Design Internship

June 2018 - August 2018

During summer 2018, I worked as a UI UX Design Intern at Roostrap, Inc where I was responsible for designing a web application for Rootstrap Internal project called RMDIY and mobile applications for companies: Fisker and Trade and Prosper. I had an incredible learning experience during my time at Rootstrap with my awesome design manager, Napoleon Martinez! Much of my work is covered under a non-disclosure agreement. Please reach out to me for more information! Thank you!

Rootstrap Internal Project: 


RMDIY Web Application: 

RMDIY is a self serve web application that takes startup ideas from napkin sketch to development-ready project kit in less than a week. Through a guided walkthrough, the clients will define their missions, build wireframes feature sets, identify revenue models, select mood board for visual directions, and receive granular backlog breakdown of their projects along with accurate quotes. RMDIY will be used to take the next step in the business journey with Rootstrap. 

Responsibility: Collaborated with the Rootstrap UI UX design team, strategists, and engineers and together built the concept through conducted research, competitor analysis, and interviews. Once we had a solid design solution, we started to develop a persona, scenario, and storyboards. As a UI UX design intern, I continued to create sketches, wireframes, interface designs, prototype and did user testing to validate the design concept.

Client Projects: 


Fisker Orbit Mobile Application: 

Fisker Orbit is an electric, connected and autonomous shuttle for smart cities, corporate and school campuses to provide an exciting, clean, and congestion-free mobility solution in 2019.

Responsibility: I worked closely with UI UX design team and strategists where we were responsible for designing an Orbit mobile application for students to request Orbit shuttle and commute safely and efficiently in university campuses. To understand our users, we visited the UCLA school campus for on-site research and we interviewed the students there. All the findings and insights really helped us to define the problem statement and validate our design goals which then allowed us to develop the persona, scenario, and information architecture. I was then responsible for creating sketches, user-flow, and high fidelity wireframes for Orbit app within in two weeks. 


Trade and Prosper Mobile Application: 

Trade and Prosper is a social enterprise that is planning to develop a trading mobile application platform for local businesses to list their services, products, and produce available for trade. Their objective is to connect the community and inspire support of each other’s businesses and skills in Brooklyn.

Responsibility: As a UI UX design intern at Rootstrap, I collaborated with UI UX design team, and strategists to create user flow, sketches, and wireframes for Trade and Prosper mobile application.